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Dr Dawn Gibbins-Cox MBE MBA

Dr. Dawn Gibbins-Cox MBE MBA is a visionary, accomplished business person – and eternal optimist. She works tirelessly to help others create a better world for themselves.

Dawn’s zest for life, her positive energy and infectious enthusiasm, rubs off on everyone she meets. She is an accomplished storyteller and renowned for sharing her passion on health, harmony and happiness. Dawn has inspired millions with her clear understanding of elemental and earth energies.

Dawn was awarded Pioneer of the Life of our Nation by HRH The Queen, for her role in Transforming British Manufacturing and Construction Industry.

Dawn is a Channel 4 TV ‘Secret Millionaire’, where Dawn went undercover in one of the most deprived areas of south west England, looking for people who may need her help, before returning home a changed woman.

Dawn is also a Teacher, Author, Public Speaker and co-founder of Blissland – a foundation that transforms lives through delivering Bliss Mastery Classes. Dawn travels the globe delivering successful Business Leadership Mastery Classes.

Dawn is married to Lionel Palatine

Lionel Palatine

Lionel Palatine is a renowned international property investor, published author and a modern-day entrepreneur, Lionel has nearly forty years’ experience of running various businesses based around freedom of the individual.

After a revaluation of his life in his late forties, Lionel changed his lifestyle to help people get the most from an understanding of themselves and their relationships, instead of the most from their business.

Lionel is now using his knowledge and expertise to help people create a new understanding of themselves and attain more than material wealth.

Lionel is a co-founder of Blissland – a foundation that transforms lives and travels the globe delivering Bliss Mastery Classes.

Lionel is married to Dr Dawn Gibbins-Cox MBE MBA


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