Mae Li-Trance Yoga Classes

with Lionel Palatine–Cox

Lionel Palatine-Cox is a master of Mae Li, having attuned to this type of trance yoga for over 40 years. He now teaches this system of Spiritual Awakening and Harmony techniques on a one to one basis to create an invigorating, healing, multi-faceted practice to bring about Blissful Living.

” Unwilling to become a spiritually egotistical bigot, I reverted back to my own learning and found a renewed sacred harmony through the simple yet powerful techniques to control and use kundalini energy to bring about my highest desires. I am now happy to teach this to any student willing to learn. “

Classes available at 3 scheduled times each morning

Booking by direct communication only. Tel. 07850 426 234

£55 per One Hour Session