Lionel Palatine

Lionel Palatine is a seasoned property investor, writer, guide and modern-day entrepreneur. At one point he was simultaneously running seven businesses that he had taken from start-up ideas whilst managing properties globally. He values freedom of the individual as the catalyst for major advancement in the world.

In his late forties, Lionel changed his lifestyle and intentions, to help people get the most from an understanding of themselves and their relationships, this would then enable everyone to get the most from their life and work.

He now uses his knowledge to help build new kinds of thinking that will help transformational entrepreneurs to create more than just material wealth.

As the advocate of Blissful Living, Lionel has founded his spiritual home in Blissland, Cheshire, where it feeds his passion for nature – his ‘Lion Man’ instincts, and his love for his wife Dawn.

Lionel Palatine-Cox

” There’s one thing that’s 100% certain. When we’re willing to start changing ourselves from within, we WILL alter our external results. That’s the key – you must actually start. One million self-help books and YouTube videos will do NOTHING for you if you don’t take action. “

Master of Mae Li-Kriya Yoga

Since his teenage years, Lionel has meditated and followed principles of finding life’s flow through kriya yoga practices to create his highest desires.

Using the techniques he has acquired he continues to stand out from the crowd in looks, deed and spirit. The multi-faceted practices he teaches are a means to use innate energy to bring about a healthy, happy life and healthy happy homes.

As the advocate of Blissful Living, Lionel has founded his spiritual home in Blissland, as it feeds his passion for nature – his ‘Lion Man’ instincts, and his love for his wife, Dawn.

Lionel Palatine Cox and wife, Dr. Dawn Gibbins-Cox MBE MBA
“By spiritual I certainly don’t mean religious. We need to build our own strength of character first, and realise there’s a soft spot of our personality that needs nurturing to make us happy, content and fulfilled with our life purpose.

We all need to feel love to become strong. Practice awakening meditation sessions to reach a higher vibration. Once you have found your own inner ‘spiritual’ power, to expand your knowledge and protect yourself, from those who will expend your energy through negativity.

We effectively have two powers to control, our character – and our spirit – one of which appears to cover our fear whilst the other attempts to open our awareness.”

Lionel Palatine-Cox

Learn Mae Li-Kriya Yoga with Lionel

Learn Mae Li-Kriya Yoga with Lionel, with One to one classes are available at three scheduled start times each morning. Booking is by direct communication only on 07850 426 234 and cost £55 per one hour session.

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